Kent USA Website

Kent USA Website

Kent Industrial USA Website

Founded in 1979, Kent USA has been providing machine tools such as surface grinders, lathes, milling machines, radial arm drills, and many others globally. As the decades went by, its product categories grew exponentially. Product categories spawned new subcategories. Subcategories then spawned new variations in machine configurations. Kent USA needed a website that can help its customers and distributors find the machine that they need within 2 to 3 clicks.

By completely redesigning the website layout, both customers and distributors have found it easier to navigate through the website to find exactly what they need. The dynamic comparison table feature allows for machines in the same series to be displayed side by side.

In addition to the internal overhaul, we also helped Kent Industrial USA get listed onto dealer sites to gain more traffic leading back to the website. Today, Kent USA ranks on search engines’ first page on nearly all of its targeted keywords.

As with all other Kenware Solutions powered sites, the Kent USA website is fully responsive, search engine optimized, and hosted on our enterprise-grade server. These make it possible for their new website to not only be easy to use on any device, but also rank high on search engines.